Windrift Kennels said OSPCA misrepresented dogsledding situation

Bryan Myers of wrote the following article on the OSPCA's press release regarding the orders issued to Windrift Adventures:

A viral Facebook post has resulted in an investigation by the Ontario SPCA.

On Jan. 29, 2018, OSPCA officers attended Windrift Kennels and issued a number of orders under the authority of provincial animal welfare legislation.

Adrienne Spottiswood, owner of Windrift, said she was disturbed by how the situation had been misrepresented.

“We receive an annual inspection by the OSPCA,” Spottiswood said. “None of these concerns have ever been expressed until this complaint.”

Melissa Kosowan, acting associate director of communications for the Ontario SPCA, said in an email a yearly inspection was recommended, but due to insufficient resources to conduct routine annual inspections, inspections of facilities where animals are used for exhibition, entertainment, boarding, hire or sale were complaint driven.

A prepared release from the OSPCA said Windrift Kennels received orders to “provide adequate insulated shelter, clean potable and appropriate feed, as well as veterinary assessment of the dogs.”

The owner of the animals is required by law to comply, with failure to comply resulting in potential charges and removal of animals.

The OSPCA said Windrift Kennels was fully co-operating.

Spottiswood said the wording of the orders misrepresented the situation.

On the order of ‘adequate insulated shelter’, Spottiswood said the OSPCA required the facility to simply provide more straw in each shelter.


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