CityNews Exclusive: Ontario SPCA officers removed from dog sled investigation

Today CityNews reported that:

Two Ontario SPCA officers have been removed from the high-profile investigation into Windrift Adventures, CityNews has learned.
The move comes after a video went public showing the officers in conversation and contradicting the OSPCA’s official statements on the dog sledging operation.

Windrift, located just north of Barrie, came under fire in late January after a video shot by a visitor appeared to show an injured sled dog and questionable living conditions for the more than 100 other dogs who live on the property. The video went viral and Windrift became the target of several social media campaigns, petitions and an investigation by the OSPCA.

Just a few days later, the OSPCA issued a media release and a fundraising email, saying that “Orders were issued under the authority of provincial animal welfare legislation. The orders include requirements to provide adequate insulated shelter, clean potable water and appropriate feed, as well as veterinarian assessment of the dogs.”

Those statements were not true according to the original investigating officers.

“We would’ve been able to correct these mistakes, right?” says an unidentified officer of the press release. “They are completely inaccurate.”


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