February 2018

Simcoe.com: Windrift Kennels said OSPCA misrepresented dogsledding situation


Bryan Myers of Simoce.com wrote the following article on the OSPCA's press release regarding the orders issued to Windrift Adventures:

A viral Facebook post has resulted in an investigation by the Ontario SPCA.

On Jan. 29, 2018, OSPCA officers attended Windrift Kennels and issued a number of orders under the authority of provincial animal welfare legislation.

Adrienne Spottiswood, owner of Windrift, said she was disturbed by how the situation had been misrepresented.


Windrift Adventures Issues Statement Regarding Ontario SPCA Investigation


For twenty-five years, Windrift Adventures has been dedicated to providing the sled dogs in our care with the love, support and compassion necessary to ensure their health and well being.

Recently, we were visited by Natasha Guerriero and Dylan Blake who recorded video of one of our sled dogs, Koi, who had sustained a minor injury to his leg. Koi was and continues to be under our care and his injury has been properly cleaned and is being attended to by our veterinarian. At no time has Koi been in distress or mistreated.