About Us

We Were originally a racing dogsled kennel 30 minutes north of Barrie, Ontario. When we started to race majority of the fellow racer were using Siberian Huskies, slowly over time Alaskan Huskies made their way into the circuit. An Alaskan Husky is a Siberian crossed with usually a Hound of some type. They have shorter fur, longer legs, and more stamina in the sometimes mild winter season. They can run longer and faster than a Siberian Huskey. In order to stay competitive we had to make the transition as well. We still needed our Siberians to be able to run and remain active doing the sport that they love, so we began doing rides. Over the past 25 years we have noticed our kennel changing in several ways.  We now focus more on rides than races, we also have mainly Alaskan Huskies and we have grown significantly. Our kennel is home to 225 dogs. A small amount of our dogs are still Siberian Huskies which we fell in love with when we started dogsledding 25 years ago. In 2010 we expanded near Orillia, and now have two locations, both 30 minutes north of Barrie. 

We love our dogs and we love the sport of dogsledding. We enjoy introducing people to the sport and teaching them what dogsledding has to offer. We have three dogsledding locations. Our half hour experience takes place near Horseshoe Valley, our half day and full day experiences take place near Orillia and our special events take palce near Moonstone. There is no other way to enjoy what nature has to offer than mushing down the trail on the back of a dog team!

So if you are adventurous, enjoy being outdoors, love nature, or just love to have fun and try new activities as a family or with friends then you will love our experiences!